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The most powerful selection tool availableHover: with the new Select tool, you can select any two points in the viewport to create a relationship. Select tool variants offer additional features, such as the ability to select any two points, or a triangle, or a line.Paint Palettes: Fill a new paint palette to quickly pick a color, or add colors to an existing palette. New palettes for mechanics and plants add existing plants to your drawings.Master Blends: Make your own custom blends of colors. You can define the direction of the blend, the base color, and the amount of the blend that is included. (video: 1:11 min.)Match Paint Style: Select an existing paint style from your color library, and match it to a new drawing. (video: 1:13 min.)Auto Color Fill:Fill your drawing with colors from the color library. Different approaches are available for most common areas, and you can control how the colors are applied.Auto Wallpaper: A new tool to help you add wallpaper to your drawings. Click and drag to add wallpaper, or select a static picture from your local computer.Advanced Drawings:Drawing Tools and Pen-and-ink:Autocad 2023: New Pen and Ink tools make it easy to create or modify fine details on drawings. You can draw individual segments of a line, hatch lines, round corners, create decorative patterns, and create cross-hatch lines and several other unique new features.Move: Use the Move tool to quickly draw paths. You can quickly convert paths to vector lines, or reverse the drawing order.Paths: The Paths tool lets you draw closed figures. You can draw paths using a closed figure, or open figure.Sketch Tools:Automatically add lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, rectangles, polygons, and more to your drawings using the new shape tools. You can draw individual shapes, a specific number of shapes, or the entire drawing.The shape tools are available with or without the control point feature.Surface Tools:A new Brush tool lets you easily paint over your drawing. You can select from a set of brushes and control the amount of coverage.Shelves:Draw either planar or orth 2be273e24d

AutoCAD 2022 [New]

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