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The Last Piece of His Heart is LIVE!

All of my books are special to me in different ways, but this one more so, not only because I love Ronan and Shiloh so much, but because it's the end of the Lost Boys series which has really seen me through a completely transformative year of love and loss; sickness (emotional and physical) and health, and I know I've come out the other side better for it. These boys are pieces of *my* heart and I'm so happy that they're all now out in the world.

This series is an anthem to all the lost souls out there who don't have a home, who are probably too afraid to believe in good things. This series is a gift to all the broken hearts so they feel a little less lonely.—Sophe, Goodreads

I love that quote from a Portuguese reader who's never left a review before, but felt compelled to write something after reading #LPoHH. I love that so much, as it illustrates some of the themes I wanted to explore in this series. Like the notion of home and how that word means different things to different people. Home isn’t a place or a house. It’s the people you share those spaces with. Family doesn’t have to mean blood relatives. A great-grandmother could be more of a parent than a mom or dad, the person next door could be more than a neighbor, and friends could become like brothers. These novels are about belonging, finding one’s place in the world, and making family where there wasn’t one before.

It has been a joy—and a few tears shed—being in Miller, Holden, and Ronan’s world, and I’m sad to go.

But I’m forever grateful to you, my readers, who have taken them into your hearts and who have given me a community to call home no matter where I am. Thank you and much love to you all.

Lost Boys can be found here...

The Girl in the Love Song, Book 1:

When You Come Back to Me, Book 2:

The Last Piece of His Heart, Book 3:

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